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Alex Kerswell turned 17

in September  2019. 

One week later, he took his own life.

Alex has finally escaped his ongoing pain, anguish, depression and the slide into using marijuana. But his family and friends have not escaped. They live with the shock, the disbelief, the helplessness.


When Alex was about 13, his mental health issues began to overwhelm him. His family desperately began the struggle to get him – and them – help. Instead, they found it increasingly difficult to navigate through the system that was supposed to provide the help. As they fiercely struggled to get help for Alex they faced another seemingly insurmountable problem: a system for dealing with mental health and addiction that is disjointed and hard to navigate. They believe that no one else should have to go through what they did.


Alex chose to end his struggle by ending his life. But his family is determined this is not the end of Alex’s story. They are using his tragedy to put a glaring spotlight on the many issues that led him to that choice. They want to make more people aware of what is happening to too many kids in the Gravenhurst area. The Legacy for Alex Kerswell charity is the driving force behind this daunting task.


So, how can you help? One of the ways is by donating money to the Charity. It, in turn, will use that money to help keep Alex’s legacy alive.

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